A Glimpse Into How We Do Masterful Painting For Your Interior And Exterior Spaces

Painting is that kind of an expense that holds value for several years and sometimes even a decade or more. It is no less than an investment, the benefit of which is reaped over a long time for aesthetical and functional purposes. Thus, the entire process demands more than just choosing colors; it also takes in more elements like a thoughtful mind, artistic hand, and intensive experience. And, we at Mr. Paint have got all of them so that the walls of your living and working space are pure pieces of artwork.

Join us as we delve into the nuances that can elevate your interior and exterior painting experience. We are here with our efficient, certified, and skilled colorists to transform all types of Painting Orland Park, IL from ordinary to the kind of extraordinary that you will love.

Let’s have a look at how we make impactful use of the 60-30-10 rule, color transitions, and other crucial painting techniques.

  • The 60-30-10 Rule

    Professionalism lies in the application of trusted techniques and established principles even in an artistic work like painting. And, our team is very particular about putting forward the best example of professionalism, which we ensure by adopting the 60-30-10 rule. It is a time-tested formula that we adopt in all of our Interior Painting Orland Park, IL works for a harmonious distribution of color proportions. 60% of the paint is for the dominant color, 30% for the secondary color, and the remaining 10% for the accent color to add a pop of vibrancy.

  • A Mockup Before Committing

    We see ourselves as the distinguished Painter Orland Park, IL as we take precision in the choice of our client’s colors seriously and go a step ahead to match it with the resulting walls. Thus, we are always ready to show our clients how their chosen colors would interact with natural and artificial light throughout the day to gain an understanding of how their walls will look in actuality. Our mockup helps clients know that the shade card may look different than the color on the wall due to natural and artificial lights, and we wish to avoid such unintended surprises.

  • An Alluring Flow Through Different Spaces

    When you are getting an entire property painted, it will be vital to keep in mind that a cohesive flow of colors between different rooms and hallways will be significant to create a sense of continuity and balance. It does not matter if you choose matching hues or opposite shades, our Interior House Painter Orland Park, IL has a deep understanding of how to do the job well to achieve a seamless transition that connects all of your spaces organically. Schedule an appointment today with Mr. Paint to discuss how colors will move from room to room.

  • A Special Focus On Featured Walls

    People usually underestimate the power of accent walls and sometimes even the painters miss on suggesting going with this option. However, we highly recommend choosing a wall that will stand out from the rest of the room and will inject depth into your working or living room. Some of our top recommendations for having such beautifully distinctive accent walls would be to experiment with bold colors, textures, or patterns to create a striking visual striking without overwhelming the entire room. Doing this to the fireplace etc. will draw pleasing attention.

  • A Creative Two-Tone Wall

    It is highly probable that you are imagining only one shade of color while painting the walls of any space. The most could be that you included an accent wall for an added twist of color, style, and texture. But, our proficient Interior Painter Orland Park, IL dares to think out-of-the-box and suggests embracing the charm of two-tone walls. As the name suggests, this technique will use two complementary colors on the same wall to infuse a sense of depth and an illusion of an elongated room. It also highlights architectural features and allows unique styling.

  • A Check On The 5th Wall

    Yes, you read that right! The fifth wall i.e. the ceiling is often the overlooked part of any painting project, but this is not the case with us. For our interior and Exterior House Painter Orland Park, IL, even the ceiling is like a canvas, ready to get a beautiful splash of colors to enhance the overall appearance of your property. Let us know if you would prefer getting solid colors, thrilling patterns, or beautiful wallpapers on the ceiling to add a touch of drama overhead. This is an unconventional approach but will contribute to the overall aesthetic.

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Whether you are looking for exemplary interior or Exterior Painting Orland Park, IL services, we promise to come up with unique tips to offer you confidence and creativity. Our each brushstroke will tell a story and transform your home and workplace into a reflection of your unique style and vision. Connect with Mr. Paint today for personalized guidance and expert execution. Let our expert colorists guide you through this captivating journey of colors and beauty. Get a quote today!

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